SSB Members and Swiss Friends of Bhutan donating 28’000 Swiss Francs to three COVID-19 Projects in Bhutan

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The Society Switzerland-Bhutan in cooperation with our sister organization BSS started a fundraising campaign to show the solidarity with Bhutan in this difficult time of COVID-19. Although Bhutan has been spared till now from any loss of life due to COVID-19, the impact on the economy is substantial.

With this modest amount SSB and its members try to give our Bhutanese friends hope and strength to succeed on their way to grow from one of the least developed countries to a middle-income country despite of COVID-19. This requires more than money and we admire the solidarity within the Bhutanese society. .

The SSB contributions will go to the following projects:

  • the Loden-UNDP Bhutan Covid-19 Response Fund to support entrepreneurs,
  • HM’s Kidu Relief Fund for COVID-19 to support Bhutanese who have lost their job and income due to COVID-19,
  • an initiative by one of the Swiss SSB members to provide Bhutan with medical supplies as masks and overalls for health personal.


General Assembly 2020 of the Society Switzerland – Bhutan (postponed)

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 Red Flower Rice from Bhutan available in Switzerland

Due to COVID-19 and the closed borders the Red Flower Rice from Bhutan will arrive later in Switzerland. Thank you for your patience!

Here you get more information


The first product of Drachukha Flower Group and Druk Metho is available in Switzerland! Unique red rice refined with precious edible flowers, Himalayan herbs and spices. 

The Society Switzerland – Bhutan is supporting the project through financing the construction of a new drying unit in Drachukha.

You can support the farmer families from Bhutan in their plans to export their products for the first time and thus open up future perspectives for them in agriculture. To make the transport to Switzerland possible, at least 300 packages must be ordered.

Please order online and spread the news among family and friends:


Meeting of European Bhutan Friendship Associations Thimphu and Haa, November 20 – 29, 2019

2019 EBFA 

“EXPLORING THE FUTURE CONTRIBUTIONS AND ROLES OF EUROPEAN BHUTAN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS” This topic was the focus of 44 members of 13 European – Bhutan Friendship Associations (EBFA) during a 10 days meeting in Bhutan.

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Focus Newsletter 2019 – Hydropower in Bhutan

2019 Focus News
The SSB Board is happy to present you the newest Focus Newsletter zooming in on hydropower — a sector that has brought immense development to Bhutan but which also displays economic, social and ecological challenges. We were able to compile a few interesting articles from different perspectives — not least from the current Minister of Economic Affairs. We wish you a good reading and are looking forward to hearing your feedback.