Impressions: "Swiss Bhutanese Classroom"
Friday, 3.12.2021

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SSB was happy to present „Swiss-Bhutanese Classroom“ a student exchange between ELC Highschool Thimphu and Kantonsschule Alpenquai Lucerne. In January of the year 2020 12 Bhutanese students visited Switzerland followed by a visit of 12 Swiss students in Bhutan.
The two excellent students Cora Elliott and Nadja Kretschmer with their enthusiastic teacher Tommi Mendel presented their experiences and insights into the Bhutanese culture and the exchange with their counterparts in Bhutan. Afterwards the two students presented their graduation thesis on „Happiness in the Classroom“ (Cora Elliott) and „The belief in spirits in the traditional medicine of Bhutan“ (Nadja Kretschmer).

Impressions: "The Treasures of the Temple of Ogyen Choling and
Dzongkha Spelling: Tradition vs. Modernity"
Friday, 19.11.2021

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The Society Switzerland - Bhutan was happy to invite to a well attended event with two excellent speakers at the University of Berne.
Dr. Monique Filsnoël gave an overview over her research and the inventory of the treasures of the Ogyen Choling Temple. The photos of her presentation highligthed some of the precious murals, thangkas and statues and the stories behind it.
Prof. Dr. George van Driem who is doing research on Bhutanese languages since the late 1980s explained why the spelling of the national language Dzongkha is so difficult and how this difficulty could be overcome. For more information check:
Karma Tshering of Gaselô and George van Driem. 2019. The Grammar of Dzongkha, Revised and Expanded, with a Guide to Roman Dzongkha and to Phonological Dzongkha. Santa Barbara, California: Himalayan Linguistics [freely downloadable book complete with audio files, ISBN 978-0-578-50750-7]

Impressions: "Religiöse Praktiken in Bhutan der siebziger Jahre"
Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021

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A well-attended event of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan together with Songtsen House Zurich. A historical film by our member Marie-Noëlle Frei-Pont filmed in Bhutan between 1974 and 1980 gave impressive insights in religion and sacred arts and crafts. The film was followed by personal remarks by Kinga Dorji (Bhutanese living in Switzerland and member of the SSSB Board) on Buddhism in Bhutan. Finally, a meditative treat for eyes and ears with the film „Lhabsang - a purification ritual“ produced 2014 by Martin Hess with the Central Monk Body of Bhutan.

Impressions: "Yakhirten im Himalaya –Medizinische Versorgung und wirtschaftlicher Boom dank Cordyceps"
Freitag, 3. September 2021

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The Society Switzerland-Bhutan was happy to host a very interesting event with two presentations on the life of nomads in the Himalaya:

  • Béatrice and Urs Lütolf presented their experience during the Nomadic Health Camp with the Bumthang Hospital in 2019. Urs and Béatrice were involved in the Bumthang Hospital Project since 2008.
  • Emilia Sulek gave a lively talk about her experience living for almost a year in the Tibetan Highlands with the nomads. Her research topic was the influence of high income through cordiceps trade on nomadic life.


“Lunana – A Yak in the Classroom” (Bhutan 2019) view online or buy a DVD

A movie by : Pawo Choyning Dorji

Lunana 1

A young teacher from the city is sent to Lunana and reluctantly makes his way through the spectacular mountain world. Once there, he meets a community that regards him with respect. Only a teacher can "touch the future of the children". And love flickers quietly. The beautiful feature film from Bhutan was shot at 3,400 m above sea level with solar energy and amateur actors who attend the most remote school in the world.


View the movie online:


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