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    Kuensel, March 6, 2019

    Interview with Prime Minister Lyonchhen Dr. Lotay Tshering (pdf)

    srf4 - News, 18. Oktober 2018
    Interview mit Werner Külling (mp3)

    BBS October 19, 23, 30, 31, 2018 / ECB, October 19, 2018 / Kuensel, October 20, 2018 /  NZZ 20.10.2018
    Bhutan Elections 2018 (pdf)

    Kuensel, October 24, 2015
    Exhibition to commemorate 40 years of Bhutan-Helvetas relation: Events and exhibition about “Tradition and Innovation in Architecture”, Thimphu, October 2015 (pdf)



    Documentaries about Swiss Projects

    SSB Documentary: "Above the Forests - Nola Dorji and his Cable Cranes in Bhutan (2018):

    The Society Switzerland Bhutan (SSB) defined in its strategy the strengthening of entrepreneurship in Bhutan as a strategic goal. “Best practices” are to be rewarded. Nola Dorji demonstrated with his cable crane enterprise over the last three decade such a “best practice”, which SSB documented in the following short film.


    Documentary „People to People Partnership” produced by Society Switzerland-Bhutan & Society Bhutan-Switzerland, 2014

    The documentary gives an insight in the collaboration of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan and the Bhutan-Switzerland Society and their projects.


    Documentary: "SMS from Shangrila" (2009)

    “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product,” says the King of Bhutan. But can happiness be ordered by decree? We accompany seven Swiss musicians in this mountainous country in the Himalayas. Between concerts we meet the populace living their everyday lives and along the way we learn what really makes them happy. And how about us? Can we find happiness somewhere else? Does the opportunity of globalization lie therein – that this somewhere else no longer exists? Everything is here and now. And with SMS, far away is always very close.



    Documentaries about Bhutan

    DOK Swiss TV: "Das Tal der Frauen" (1994)

    Experiences of a Swiss farmer in Bhutan and a Bhutanese farmer in Switzerland. A look back to live in Bhutan more then 20 years ago.

    Dr. Françoise Pommaret: The Artistic Heritage of Bhutan and its Vitality

    Thursday, 6.7.2023, Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (PHZH)

    230706 Pommaret 

    Dr. Françoise Pommaret was giving a talk in Zurich about „The Artistic Heritage of Bhutan and its Vitality“. For example, she was explaining how traditional arts like weaving textiles for Gho and Kira are influenced by new fashion trends and influencers. Another obvious example are the developments in the art of painting, where Voluntary Artists Studio Thimphu (VAST) has had a big influence on developing new ways of expressions based on the roots of Bhutanese culture.

    General Assembly 2023 Society Switzerland – Bhutan

    Saturday, March 25th, 2023, Generationenhaus Berne

    GA PIC

    Some impressions of the General Assembly 2023 of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan with the following highlights can be found under Memories (Photos: Markus Wild):

    * Dr. Pema Wangchuk: Insights in the Development of Bumthang Hospital
    * Q & A with HE Ambassador Tenzin R. Wangchuk
    * Dr. Andreas Galmarini: Build Back Better - Reconstruction of the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong
    Photos: Markus Wild


    A Movie by our member Marie-Noëlle Frei-Pont

    Link to the movie

    Marino Frei Film2

    Dr. Sonam Wangchuk: Ice, Fire & Floods: From global Issues to local Impacts like in Bhutan

    Thursday, 9.2.2023, Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich

    Sonam Wangchuk Event

    In his talk Dr, Sonam Wangchuk focused on how melting of permafrost in distant areas like Siberia can have severe local negative impacts around the world and on Bhutan's glaciers and glacier lakes.


    Snow Leopards in Bhutan by Dechen Lam

    Friday, December 16th, 2022, Songtsen House

    Dechen Lham (PhD candidate at the University of Zurich) was presenting her research results about the snow leopard in Bhutan.

    Like the wolf in Switzerland, the snow leopard is not well liked by the farmers in the mountains, where it seasonally kills people's herd animals.

    The estimates about the number of snow leopards roaming in the Himalayas is very vague. Only in Bhutan we now know better, thanks to the research project of Dechen and her colleagues. With its 250 animals, Bhutan has an important bridging function to the populations of snow leopards in Tibet and India.

    This was the last event of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan in the old year. Thank you Songtsen House and especially Daniel Aufschläger for the good collaboration.

    Commemoration of 20 Years of Bhutan Switzerland Society (BSS)

    26.10.22 in Thimphu

    2022 BSS 20 Years

    The 11th Annual General Meeting and the Commemoration Event of 20 Years of Bhutan Switzerland Society (BSS) in Thimphu on October 26th, 2022, was a great success. SSB would like to thank and congratulate the Board of BSS under the outgoing President Lyonpo Dr. Kinzang Dorji for arranging such a wonderful event.

    On this occasion the Board of the Society Switzerland – Bhutan would like to extend our great respect and gratitude to Lyonpo Dr. Kinzang Dorji for being such a supporting and reliable partner for the SSB over more than 10 years.

    The Society Switzerland-Bhutan congratulates Dasho Kinga Singye to become the new President of BSS. We are convinced that the good collaboration between BSS and SSB will continue to grow over the next years under his leadership. During the time when Dasho Kinga Singye served as Ambassador in Geneva, he was always of great support to SSB and all the Bhutanese in Switzerland.

    Congratulations as well to the reelected and elected new Board members of BSS: Dragyel Tenzin Dorjee, Nado Dukpa, Lekey Wangdi, Project Advisor in the HELVETAS Country Office Bhutan (new) and Karma Tenzin, Department of Culture (new).

    Bhutan in 1969: TV documentary directed by Peter Schellenberg

    Friday, October 9, 2022, Songtsen House Zurich


    SSB Bhutan evening - and many came to watch the documentary film of the late Swiss television director Peter Schellenberg from 1969. Claudio Zingg , the President of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan, had found the rarity at a private film distributor to whom Swiss Television had sold the film rights. The images of the often bare mountain slopes, which have been reforested in recent decades thanks in part to Switzerland's support, are impressive and have made Bhutan one of the three CO2-negative countries in the world. But the development of traffic routes and settlements are also striking. The film team was guided through the country by the sound engineer Arthur Christen, alias Tenzin Dorji (Swiss Bakery). He was one of the first Swiss development experts in Bhutan.
    With this documentary, Schellenberg allowed us to look back into the past and some things that have survived until today.

    Dr. Karma Phuntsho in Switzerland

    23. - 26. October, 2022, Zurich, Berne, Geneva

    Karma 1 

    The Society Switzerland-Bhutan was honored to host Dr. Karma Phunthso in Switzerland during 3 days . It’s always an eyeopener when Karma Phuntsho is sharing his views on the development of the history and culture of Bhutan.
    During his stay in Switzerland we could organize 3 talks:
    - At the Zurich University of Teacher Education: “Culture, Society and Change: Bhutan’s Journey in the 21st Century – Challenges and Opportunities”
    - At the House of Religions in Berne: „Loden Foundation: Fostering Buddhist Entrepreneurship in Bhutan“
    - The highlight was the event on Sunday at the Residence of the Bhutan Embassy in Chambésy (Geneva). H.E. Ambassador Tenzin Rondel Wangchuk and his team were inviting SSB members and the Bhutanese community in Switzerland for a BBQ on the occasion of the opening of tourism in Bhutan followed by a talk of Karma Phuntsho „Padmasambhava and Bhutan“.

    Karma 2 

    Meeting of the European Bhutan Friendship Associations in Hungary

    14. - 18. September, 2022, Budapest and Lake Balaton

    EBFA 2 

    The European Bhutan Friendship Associations had their biannual meeting in Hungary.
    The main event was taking place in Budapest. After the exchange between the European Bhutan Friendship Associations, H.E. Ambassador of Bhutan in Brussels Tshering Gyaltshen Penjor was answering questions about the transformations going on in Bhutan.
    Afterwards the following speakers were giving insights in their approaches to value based business, education and sports:
    Value-based Business:
    - Value-based Banking - Csaba Molnár, Head of Community Development, MagNet Community Bank, Hungary
    - The Boddhisatva Entrepreneur - Gérard Tardy, Founder and Director of the Loden Entrepreneurship Program, Bhutan-France
    - Buddhist Economics - Gábor Kovács, Assistant Professor at the Business Ethics Centre of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
    Value-based Education
    - A Buddhist College in Europe - Gábor Karsai, Rector of Dharma Gate Buddhist College in Budapest and MD of Mind&Life Europe
    - Educating for the Future: Values and Challenges - Karma Phuntsho, Founder of the Loden Foundation, Bhutan
    - The REAL School experience - Viktória Szemerédy, Co-Founder of REAL School Budapest
    Value-based Sport: Traditional Archery
    - Hungarian Traditional Archery and its Connection to Bhutan - Roland Csáki, Hungarian traditional archer
    - More than a National Sport - Tshering Choden, Archery Coach & former Olympic archer of Bhutan

    EBFA 3





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