Website of the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Welcome to Bhutan Portal.
The Bhutan National Assembly has launched its website on June 2. 2005. The website is expected to serve as a channel of constant communication and interaction between the members and their constituencies as the e-governance gains its popularity.
The Website of Helvetas Bhutan: Helvetas in Bhutan is mandated to execute Swiss programmes in the country and is guided by a joint Bhutan Country Programme of Helvetas and SDC that prioritises three development sectors: Education, Youth & Culture; Rural Infrastructure; and Renewable Natural Resources. Within these sectors, a number of Other Programmes address the overall goal of Swiss assistance to Bhutan.
Blog of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Bhutan.
The Bhutan Observer is Bhutan's first private bilingual newspaper. It was launched as a private limited company by parent company Bhutan Media Services (BMS), and began publishing on June 2, 2006, in Thimphu. Its Dzongkha edition is called Druk Nelug, and the newspaper maintains an online service in English.
Nations only financial newspaper.
Welcome to the website for Kuensel, Bhutan's National Newspaper.
Official website of Tourism Council of Bhutan.
National carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan; operating to seven stations including six cities in five countries.
A website on Bhutan, especially for french-speaking people.


Official Website of the Swiss Federal Government, containing the Homepages of all Government Departments, as well as a host of links to the Websites of all the Cantons and of governmental and non-governmental Institutions and Organizations. is a publication of Presence Switzerland (PRS), an official body of the Swiss Confederation promoting the worldwide dissemination of general knowledge about Switzerland.
Website of the Switzerland Tourism Association, with offices in 20 countries, to increase demand for Switzerland as travel, holiday- and congress destination.
Website of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.
Website of the Swiss Association for International Cooperation. Helvetas
has, financed by its private donors and the Swiss Federation, carried on the
work begun by the erstwhile "Pro Bhutan Foundation", based on the private
initiative of the Family von Schulthess and their friendship with their
Majesties, the third King and Queen of Bhutan. Their partnership marked the
beginning of regular international development cooperation in modern Bhutan.
The Governance Programme, a new area of cooperation for SDC in Bhutan, supports the country in its important political transition.


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