School Children Programme

The public schools in Bhutan are managed by the government. There are schools even in the most remote areas, run by highly motivated teachers who try to provide the basic schooling even though they are handicapped by lack of resources. The children suffer due to lack of infrastructure, long distances to school, inadequate money for school uniforms, shoes, food, books and stationary.

The aim of this specially conceived support programme is to supply school children from poor families with the necessary school materials and help improve the school infrastructure and facilities in remote areas.

The success of the programme speaks for itself. Due to the excellent cooperation with our Bhutanese sister association, Bhutan - Switzerland Society, we are supporting several primary schools with funds provided from the society and donations from private persons and firms.

The schools we support are located in the districts of Mongar and Zhemgang.


School Reports


Yangbary Primary School (pdf)


Barpong Community Primary School, Bjoka; Zhemgang (pdf)
Jurmey Primary School (pdf)
Kagtong Primary School (pdf)
Tashibi Primary School (pdf)
Tradijong Community Primary School (pdf)
Yaragla Primary School (pdf)

Barpong Community Primary School, Bjoka; Zhemgang (pdf)
Tradijong Community Primary School, Pangkhar Zhemgang (pdf)

Tradijong Community Primary School, Phangkhar Zhemgang (pdf)